Social Media As Guys You’ve Probably Met IRL

*Log Me Out.


That guy you meet through friends who asks you on the first date how many people you’ve been with, just for fun.


That guy in his late twenties with the gold Rolex and nice shoes living at home with his parents, sneaking his Dad’s car out while he’s asleep.


That guy that asks more questions than he answers and has developed an inferiority complex as girls keep leaving him for his friends.


That congenial guy that takes his top off as soon as it gets slightly warm and calls everyone, including your gran, bro.


That guy that looks like he’s the full package, you find him attractive and there is a mental connection. You’re excited. Alas, you get to know him further and discover that the flame that once burned brightly has rapidly dwindled to a flicker which you desperately hope will reignite. It won’t.


That guy in the corner pining over his ex while she flirts with Netflix.


That cute but aloof guy with copious opinions. He either has an intense love for you or hates you with a fiery disposition. It’s hard to tell…


That adorable guy that entertains you with his wit, often keeps you up at night whereby you become a disheveled mess causing him to quickly move on to someone else.


That Emo guy with the emotions whom you desperately want to fix.


That attractive guy that you regret corresponding with after he sends you graphic pictures that you definitely did not request.


That guy that you have been friends with forever who you seem to be developing a slight cumbersome crush on, which manifests in hot and cold behaviour often resulting in an intense concern as to why he hasn’t replied to your message yet.
Its been 7 minutes…

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