What Has Each Starsign Slightly Fucked Off Right Now

*Tiny inconveniences that can fuck with your whole day.


They got dressed up and only 2 out of 5 people complimented them.


Their phone battery died before they could Instagram their meal at the restaurant.


The group chat didn’t acknowledge their question.


Their name was spelled wrong on their Starbucks cup.


They accidentally liked someone’s Instagram pic from 62 weeks ago.


They had to listen to a voicemail someone left instead of just texting like a normal person and worse still they can’t get the red dot to go away.


They were tagged in a bad photograph by an old friend who they now hate.


Somebody thought their Cartier watch was from Topshop.


Someone keeps using the word ‘effect’ instead of ‘affect’ at a work meeting.


They had to pay full price for their chicken because they forgot their Nandos’ card at home.


They were forced to make small talk over lunch with someone instead of being able to read their book.


No one retweeted the funny joke they made on Twitter.

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